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National Bridge Painting Scheme at Bootle

As part of the National Bridge Painting Scheme, we have a video update of the progress we have made on site.

Universal Coatings UK being the main sub-contractor working on behalf on Kier and the Canal & River Trust have established a programme to restore a pair of hogged lattice girder constructed footbridges, formed in a mix of wrought iron and steel.

The two bridges, Carolina bridge and Stanley bridge sit approximately 400 metres apart on the Leeds & Liverpool canal in Bootle, Merseyside.

After establishing a secure site compound alongside offices, welfare and storage the encapsulated scaffolding was erected by Kaefer Ltd giving our team the perfect platform enabling us to start the renovation works. The 'Thankyou NHS' banner is a very thoughtful addition and reminds everyone on site of their increased responsibility to both the people they are working with and the public.

The scaffolding itself is self-supporting across the waterway, essentially creating an independent bridge allowing the team access to any and all aspects of the original bridges themselves, all while providing both safe access and a sealed encapsulation. This ensures that structural work can be carried out on the bridges without risk of compromising the scaffold.

The encapsulation is key to containing all contaminated particles that will be removed during the blast cleaning process. Surface preparation work on this project is being carried out to SA 2.5. With sealed access, air-flow solutions and decontamination zones we are able to heavily reduce the environmental impact on the local area and waterways which is of the utmost importance. The encapsulation will also help during the painting process as it will control the application environment and ensure optimum conditions can be achieved to give the best possible coating.

The method for blast cleaning utilised on this project is known as sponge blasting, using a specialised softer abrasive and machinery, it is both much safer and cleaner for the operatives and the environment.

The benefits of sponge blasting are the reduction of damaging ricochet, increased operator visibility and up to 96% waste reduction and 98% hazardous dust reduction as opposed to conventional blast cleaning. When working in smaller and confined spaces these benefits speak for themselves, add the fact that all the work is being carried out above a watercourse and it becomes clear as the only responsible solution to properly blast cleaning on this project.

Another addition to the project is our service watercraft aka 'Termite' which carries equipment and provides a base of operations that is easily moved between the 2 bridges.

As the team works their way through the blast cleaning process we expose the original metal and can assess its condition which allows our engineering and fabrication sub-contractor, Carver Engineering Services Ltd to repair and replace as necessary.

We will keep you updated and let you know as we move onto the next stages of the industrial coating process.

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