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Universal Coatings Team @ Aston Martin

This week our team has begun establishing the site in preparation for improvements at one of the worlds most prestigious car brands, Aston Martin.

Widely considered a British cultural icon, it is universal Coatings pleasure to be asked to undertake the challenge this client has presented us.

We were briefed to inspect, prepare and then apply our custom HI-BR 100 Polyurea coating to this dealerships display facility that is currently suffering from water ingress at a below ground level.

In order to provide an optimum coating, we need to establish a secure and controlled environment. Important to achieve this in good weather, but this week the team had to battle the snow. This ensures a high-quality finish as well as ensuring we protect any and all areas nearby, after all, we are sure the new DB11 can keep its occupants perfectly dry even without the help of Polyurea.

The first stage is to erect a preliminary enclosure to keep the worst of the weather out whilst the team get to work draining water & assessing the substrates beneath. This canopy will allow us to dry out the entire application environment and enable us to seal the area before application to keep every car on the forecourt as pristine as they should be and keep the Aston Martin logo visible!

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