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The First Pair Of Lock Gates Are Given The Full Polyurea Treatment By The UCL Team!

As part of an ongoing canal-side project for our customer, Amco Giffen we have just completed the first pair of lock gates.

These lock gates were certainly on the larger side but that was no problem for the specialist haulier AP Hollingworth, who has yet to find something that they cannot deliver!

The first gate arrived fresh from fabrication on a snowy February day and snook its way into our workshop. As with all fresh fabrications, there is a lot of surface preparation work needed. This means the team need to be able to get to all sides and angles, rotating and manoeuvring the gates through our workshop was no hassle for the team operating the overhead cranes together in tandem.

To ensure lasting protection these gates are all being coated in our HI-BR 100 Polyurea system. Incredibly strong and resistant with a long life span with the added bonus of its fast application time due to its rapid curing. The benefits of this system are not without the risks as once you begin each coating you have to complete it before full curing has occurred.

Have a look at our timelapse of the first coat application, Polyurea application is quick but we still had to speed up the footage for this somewhat!

The finished gates after being fully coated and spark tested to ensure an even and continuous coating has been achieved across every surface.

Carefully loaded up by the team utilising both 10T overhead cranes, again in a tandem lift. Big thanks to AP Hollingworth specialist hauliers for the excellent service and for once again rising to the challenge that specialist projects produce!

keep an eye across all our social channels for updates as we continue working on this project and to see the exciting new developments coming up at Universal Coatings UK Ltd

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