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The First Components From Our Canal Side Project Are Completed

As part of an ongoing project to prepare and coat a collection of canal-side lock gates and the associated components that work together to enable a safe, reliable method of navigating our countries waterways, we can now reveal the first completed section.

Arriving in a bare steel construction you can really appreciate the fabrication work that goes into each piece.

After desalting and drying, we can then move them into our shot blasting bay to clean the metal on all surfaces. This process length can vary depending on the original condition and will be repeated until we can confidently achieve the desired finish prior to our coating process.

This next part is a timelapse of our team leader, Tony applying the coating. We actually had to slow the footage down to half speed to make sure you could see the transformative process unfold.

One completed pair of canal-side stop lock gates basking in the winter sun!

Be sure to keep an eye out for more components as they arrive and we take you through the coating process!

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