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Restoration & Protective Coating Applied To A Historic Grade 2 Listed Windmill

This grade 2 listed building needed renewal to its tower capping as it had begun to allow a considerable amount of weather into the now converted dwelling. Dating back to the early 19th century. Periodic renewals such as this must be authorised and are only allowed where the concerned fabric is becoming incapable of fulfilling its intended functions. The use of specific products and materials also must be granted, this was the case as we repaired and then sealed the roof with our Polyurea product Hi-BR 100.

Here is the original roof as we found it ( Click through the gallery for more pictures)

The original roof had to be cleaned and prepared to a high standard before applying a primer coat to ensure an optimum bonding and weathertight seal for a long-lasting life span for many years to come.

After the preparation work and base coat were completed on goes our Polyurea product HI-BR 100, as approved by Historic England.

Stretching over 5 stories high, access was gained via telescopic boom lifts operated by our experienced spray team. To protect the existing brickwork, we had to cover and mask the entire Windmill tower to protect from any drips or overspray caused by sudden gusts of wind.

Finally, the UV stable topcoat is applied. This specialist coatings is solvent-based and designed to adhere to the polyurea coating below to ensure it is perfectly sealed against all weather and maintains its brilliant finsih.

With over 100m of hose available in our mobile polyurea unit it made spraying the roof much easier as no repositioning of the machine was required.

The end result is a fully sealed, weatherproof and guaranteed roofing solution for a listed building to give its owner peace of mind for many years to come whilst also retaining the look, feel and character of what is undeniably a very charming building.

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