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Polyurea the Ultimate Flooring Solution

Polyurea – The ultimate flooring solution

Here at Universal Coatings one of the most requested applications for our specialised polyurea based product (HI-BR 100) is as a high-performance floor covering.

Available in a wide range of colours and finishes including smooth or anti-slip, HI-BR 100 can provide a chemical and watertight seal suitable for bunds and environments where fluids must be contained in the event of a spillage.

Here is an example of a bunded floor solution, colours are wide-ranging and can be used to give clear designations to areas as well as a decorative touch.

HI-BR 100 polyurea is extremely hard-wearing thanks to its unique chemical bonds and can withstand enormous forces during a sustained lifespan, all of our floor coverings come with long-lasting guarantees for peace of mind.

This is a flooring solution we provided for British sugar. The condition of the substrate concrete floor was very worn when we arrived on-site, but we were confident that HI-BR 100 polyurea would improve, exceed and outlast the current flooring for many years to come.

Years later the polyurea is withstanding and provide an excellent surface to work with, easy to clean and also protects against rising damp.

The applications and possibilities of HI-BR100 polyurea are vast and adaptable as a floor covering, just choose the colour and we will do the rest!

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