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Keeping Production Going!

Since the nationwide lock-down began Universal Coatings have answered the call to maintain and increase where possible our contribution to vital industries and keep the country moving.

We have all had to adjust our methods and drastically alter day to day work flows. Following government guidelines and a strict level of safety we have introduced staggered workshop patterns, social distancing, stringent hygiene, sanitation and cleaning protocols.

It has been a dramatic change to daily working life that we have rapidly adapted to and continue to meet our targets, this is especially important as we provide a major service to vital rail infrastructure – which has never been more important than it is today.

There have been challenges but after successfully working through these stringent restrictions and guidelines it has become a normal part of our production and as we continue moving forward we feel confident in our ability to provide a vital service to the country while also protecting our staff and customers.

We are very proud to provide our services, both to our customers and our team, we are grateful for the efforts that continue to be made by all our employees especially, who have been excellent in their commitment to quality whilst maintaining the strictest of health and safety measures to keep the country moving.

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Sep 10, 2021

Thannks for this blog post

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