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Jotun Visit To Trial New Products At Universal Coatings UK HQ

A visit from Jotun today as we trialled some new products in our workshop.

Temperature is absolutely vital in the painting and coating industry, our facilities are cable of beating all the worst effects of the winter chill and as such can be used to raise the temperature of our various application bays to the optimum level and maintain it throughout the entire process. This capability makes it mutually beneficial for Jotun to visit us on-site and trial new methods and products across the expansive range of coatings they supply globally.

Being able to note the cure and dry times of various products at different temperatures is invaluable information for suppliers when they need to produce a product-specific specification with the utmost accuracy.

As always a pleasure to have a member of the global Jotun team in for the day, as there is always much to be learned from the effort and work they put into the products, both current and under development.

For all the latest in advancements in the industrial coating world, be sure to follow us using the hashtag #universalrestoreprotect across all social media platforms

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