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Completed Railway Station Components Depart Universal Coatings UK HQ For Installation

A busy day of loading and transportation as we waved goodbye to a selection of completed sections. fully prepared and coated, ready for installation at Harrow rail station as part of the Transport for London Step-Free Access scheme.

The various sections and parts will form a combination of lifts, bridges and ramps to enable easily accessible transportation for all. Every section is carefully treated and coated up to a thorough specification to ensure a long-lasting protective coating that is also aesthetically pleasing and in with the modern colours, we don't think it looks too bad either! This project is being undertaken at Harrow on the Hill Station as well as several other stations are being upgraded to enable easy and safe access for all commuters and tourists.

Having been in our workshop over the previous months it was time to get everything loaded for their journey all the way to London.

After a busy day of loading, the fleet of HGV's were loaded and departed with their escorts

It is always nice to receive feedback and updates, especially when the team completing the installation at Harrow on the Hill sent us some progress photos so we could see the results of our efforts coming together.

Impressive work as always from everyone we have the privilege to be involved with on these projects. We have more lift shaft sections to complete as part of the Step-Free program and will be taking a deep dive into the process in the near future!

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