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Case Study - HI-BR 100 Polyurea

A regular client, Noble engineering came to us requiring a specialised coating solution to protect vital infrastructure in extreme conditions. The product is a state of the art segmented pipe collar for use in what is arguably one of the toughest and most hazardous locations – offshore.

Due to the nature of an offshore environment all the normal environmental effects that degrade and can shorten the lifespan of man made infrastructure and increased. Variables of temperature, moisture, movement and exposure can change hourly, from one extreme to another. This requires a very specific solution to guarantee the absolute best quality possible and ensure a perfectly reliable and long lasting solution.

With our experience and specialisation in our in house developed product, HI-BR 100 we knew immediately that it is the best product for this uniquely challenging environment.

HI-BR 100® is a state-of-the-art, high performance, sprayed, plural component pure polyurea elastomer. This system is based on amine-terminated polyether resins, amine chain extenders and MDI prepolymers. It provides a flexible, resilient, tough, monolithic membrane with water and chemical resistance

We were tasked with a large delivery of segmented pipe collars, in sets of 3 they work together to evenly surround and clamp to a 600mm pipe to provide an equal pressure seal for pipelines. Due to continued variables in pressure and microscopic amounts of movement we needed to apply a product that would both seal continuously whilst also having a degree of flexibility to maintain the seal at all times.

HI-BR 100 is perfectly suited to this as it is a pure polyurea elastomer – a rubber like solid with elastic like properties. Made up of very long polymer chains it can effectively distribute stresses and force equally across itself. Therefore in this case as a sealing product – it ensures it evenly mates to all of its contact surfaces making a perfect seal.

HI-BR 100 has to be applied exactly to various specifications depending on the application, in this case it was applied at 0.125 inches exactly – this must be maintained perfectly across the entire surface to ensure the optimum quality and is something we can achieve thanks to years of experience in a wide range of differing solutions, meeting varied requirements of customers and clients.

HI-BR 100 has many benefits – it is exceptionally resistant to abrasives, chemicals and corrosion and in certain applications has a self-repairing quality. This means its ideal to protect surfaces that are most exposed and need the best possible protection for the longest amount of time. It is much more temperature resistant than traditional coatings meaning it is easily adaptable to both extreme climates and fluctuating temperatures.

A key bonus to HI-BR 100 is its extremely rapid curing time – depending on the application process and requirement it can effectively cure almost immediately. This creates another benefit of being able to rapidly coat surfaces and products when the timeframe requires it! The caveat to this being a need for acute attention to detail in the application process, we are meticulous in our methods to ensure even coverage and that the specified thickness is achieved – again this comes down to the experience we have and the massive variation in products that HI-BR 100 is perfect for.

At Universal Coatings UK LTD we have years of experience dealing with polyurea and other specialised coatings, we can carry out applications at our large facility, based near Doncaster equipped to handle all kinds of products.

We also have a mobile application unit, specially equipped and capable of remotely applying HI-BR 100 and other specialised coatings in hard to reach places without the need for any additional infrastructure.

Just some of the recommended uses for HI-BR 100 include the following;

· Roof seals and flooring

· Coating for steel or other substrates exposed to a corrosive environment

· Encapsulation for EPS or other types of flotation materials

· Liner for concrete tanks, ponds, lagoons, reservoirs, dikes, irrigation ditches, tunnels, barges, etc.

· Encapsulation for asbestos, lead paint or other dry hazardous materials

· Replace or repair failed existing sheet membrane liners

· Earthen containment used with or without geotextile

· Steel tanks, silos and pipes

HI-BR 100 is an incredibly variable product suitable for a wide range of applications, available in many colours and finishes, catering for non slip, decorative and protective sealed coatings.

Be sure to follow us online and across social media to see the wide array of products and applications we provide to all our customers.

For all your specialised coating requirements be sure to contact us

Universal Coatings UK LTD

01427 891 141

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