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Big Upgrades On The Way At Universal Coatings UK HQ!

We reached out to our current customers and clients to see what we can do to improve the level of service we provide. We then learned that the biggest request amongst clients was an increase in our lifting capacity at our workshop to tackle bigger and more complex items, objects and machinery.

Currently, our total lifting capacity with our workshop cranes is 12 tonnes, usually this is more than enough for most projects we undertake as structures and equipment are often broken down into smaller sections to get a higher quality finish.

As of this week however we will almost double our total weight capacity to 20 tonnes! We are installing a new gantry crane that will when utilised as a pair with our existing equipment be able to lift the largest objects up to a total gross weight of 20 tonnes allowing us to cater to the largest and heaviest demands from our clients and customers going forward.

We are always looking to improve our overall service and capabilities as we strive to continue to better our facilities, operations and quality in every aspect of our work.

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