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Big Moves @ Universal Coatings UK HQ

We're certainly used to the movement of large components, structures & even entire bridges when we undertake work at various sites across the country, but did you know we have upgraded our capacity in our workshop so we can undertake even larger projects entirely in house!

The layout of our main facility located in Misterton near Doncaster has been designed with an almost modular construction to ensure we can both maximise our productive spaces and accommodate large abnormal loads which we arrange transportation for.

Inside our workshop facility, we have a team of overhead cranes, the newest of which having been installed earlier this year, this boosted our overall lifting capacity and opened up more flexibility in how we can handle our customers & clients projects.

Moving items properly & safely between different coating stages is absolutely key, allowing for curing time and proper adhesion ensures a long-lasting & optimum finish.

You will find the usual specialist lifting equipment throughout our workshop, including inventive carriages & skates for moving even the most challenging objects. Couple this with our well-experienced team and we are confident in finding the solution to safely move projects throughout each stage of preparation & coating whilst in our safe hands.

We have several retractable roofs for our environmentally controlled preparation and spray booths, allowing the largest items to never even have to touch the floor from start to finish.

Take a look at our capability slide to see a basic outline of the various spaces we can offer to accommodate your projects, we are always looking for the next big thing!

"It is absolutely crucial to take care of the surfaces we are working on throughout the entire process to ensure a perfect finish when we hand a project back over."

Phil Bingham - Director

To see what we can do for you get in touch today:

01427 891 141

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