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As railings go they don't get much more in the public eye than these....

The National Portrait Gallery in central London is currently closed to visitors whilst undergoing a major redevelopment to find out more about the gallery and the re-development project visit their website

Our project has included creating a safe and environmentally controlled working environment on the perimeter of the site on a what is a busy pedestrian area, our encapsulation design and programming of works has allowed the footway to remain open through out with minimal encroachment onto the pavement. In the image above you can see the care that has gone into protecting the stonework and pavement.

In order to manage the project programme we have works going on in parallel with a site restoration team and offsite restoration on intricate gates and sections of railing that have been removed to allow for the creation of the new entrance.

We've been delighted to work in partnership with the client, Gilbert Ash as Main Contractors and Purcell Architects.

For the Universal team it's a familiar area of London to be operating in having recently carried out works to the fountains in Trafalgar Square and The Palace of Westminster

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