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Aqua Duct Rail Bridge Coated with A Quick Turn Around

Universal coatings received the 2 new build aqua duct bridge sides and four support legs into our Misterton based workshop around two weeks ago.

The size of these items where one of the largest items we have received into our workshop, measuring a massive 18 metres in length and 2.5 metres in height and weighing a massive 10 tonnes in weight each.

The works were planned but had to be carried out to a short time scale before being delivered to the client on-site.

On receiving the two sides of the aqua duct and 4 support legs the first step was to clean the steel to a SA3 specification back to bare steel to provide a key for new paint application.

All parts of the aqua duct were then moved to our painting and prep bay's and coated with a four-part paint system supplied by Sherwin Williams.

Once completed all items were carefully loaded onto an extendable rear steer articulated lorry and transported back to the customer on-site.

All workshop operatives worked against the clock, alternative shifts and out of hours the get the works done to a high standard.

All the above works comply with Network Rail Set Standards and Procedures in line with N1 Specification.

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